Academic Service, the last advised priority of academic life AND the undervalued thing in industry research…but I totally agree with Cliff Lampe on all of his points. I’d only add in the thick of it (ACing many things when I get upset, TPC for ACM MM, GC of Creativity and Cognition 2017) I’m always saying ‘Oh dear lord why!’ but when I’m done, I’m always saying ‘We did something amazing!’ Thanks Cliff for the nice writeup. Tacit in your write up is the another point “Advancement to more interesting science & research”…it’s in there in what you wrote, but I’d call it out explicitly as that’s been a major contribution I’ve had which lead me to being invited on the Steering Committee for ACM Multimedia.

scientist/research director: @toyotaresearch @FXPAL @cwi_dis @yahoo @flickr @sigchi. instructions: place in direct sunlight, water daily.

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