A short story about Ukulele strings

2 months, 5 string sets, 1 experiment

2018 Kamaka Tenor Deluxe
Kamaka Tenor Strings gauged at .0285 .0410 .0327 .0285.
Pro-Arté Custom Extruded Nylon: A similar gauge to the Kamaka strings at .0285, .0327, .041, .029 at 43.140 in/lbs of tension.
Pro-Arté Titanium: Roughly the same gauge as the clear nylon: .029, .033, .041, .029 at 45.040 in/lbs of total tension.
Pro-Arté Carbon Ukulele: At .0205, .026, .0319, .0224 these are by far the lightest gauge but pull a similar tension at 45.600.
A pretty light gauge at 026, .032, .038, .028 that pull 53.350 in/lbs of tension.

scientist/research director: @FXPAL , @cwi_dis , @yahoo, @flickr , & @sigchi. instructions: place in direct sunlight, water daily.

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